Celestial Bodies

The Sun (Pelorian)

The sun crossing Maldhane from east to west each day is commonly believed to be a manifestation of the god Pelor. Most common folk revere Pelor as their patron due to their near-daily reminder of his existence.

The Moon (Sehanis)

The moon of Maldhane is a mysterious orb that sheds only a dull light across the land even on the most cloudless nights. Sehanis changes colors during the year, appearing to have a silvery hue in the early months and slowly shifting to a deep orange during the months of Fieldmarch, Reaping, and Feasting. Some believe that Sehanis is a world capable of sustaining life and that powerful spellcasters of past empires may have even built magical pasageways to this strange new world.

The Trail of Phantoms

During the frigid winter months, the spirits of the dead can be seen traveling north against the winds on predestined paths in the sky. Their destination is believed to be the northern pole of the world where their souls can most easily cross into the Shadowfell and the forlorn castle of the Raven Queen.



Celestial Bodies

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