Contessa Annalisa Marklehay

Learning to see the darker side of others.


AC 25 (Leather Armor +3) HP- 66 bloodied-33 But dont plan on it getting to that Saves: FORT-21 REF-22 WILL-23 SPEED-6 INIT-+11 (13 NEAR Falcon) STR-11 CON-16 DEX-14 INT-19 WIS-16 CHA-12 PARAGON PATH- ARCANE WAYFARER- “Move or I will move you!” Familiar- Skalakos the flaming skull


Tessa started out as the youngest daughter of the Marklehay family in the pleasant town of Fallscrest. As she grew up, she studied with her mother as a wizard and from there she studied with the local sage to further her studies. Tessa has always loved hearing of adventure, she often snuck out at night to the Nentir Inn to hear tales from the traveling minstrels. Then cam e they day she was asked to ride into battle with her brother Falcon and a motley crew on a grand adventure. She soon learned her place in the mix with this group and fell into liking most of them. Lucci can get on her nerves, but she looks up to her for being everything Tessa is not. Falcon, the big lummox of a brother, is a man who thinks about the actions instead of acting. Maybe thats why Tessa follows Lucci more? Madresh is the first Dragon born she has ever met in person. Tessa likes him and hopes he continues to travel with them. Gregoire the tiefling, she says it with a mouth full of bile! How Tessa despises him. He can be useful, but only as fodder for her spells. Some day he will turn his back at the wrong time… For now she is leery of him and keeps a close eye on him along with Skelakos. After her meeting with the severed head of Vyrellis, Tessa has definitely taken a turn to toward the darker arts.

Contessa Annalisa Marklehay

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